Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Cold Week!!!

Well it has been a cold week so far. Great for staying in and knitting; and having an excellent cup of tea compliments of Jackie & Nat.
My knitting this past weekend is a pair of heavy socks with Briggs & Little yarn... Trying different "traditional" Newfoundland colour combinations and styles of bands. Love the way the brown, white and red go together. They are going to be extra long to cover my calf. Love this pattern.
I have also finished off my "finger mitts"... see other post.


  1. What a weekend we had! Deep freeze in Pinchgut Lake!! Fun Times had by all! Love, Jack

  2. Look forward to a knit-n-bitch and a great mug of tea. Love the socks and yes, I do need trigger mitts. I'm putting in my order. Whatever color you want .More color the better and of course small. What fits J. should fit me I think. Sound like a plan?

  3. Murray, Murray, Murray...your knits are beautiful! I am obsessed with vamps! Merci beaucoup for the warm inserts!