Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Hat & Finger Mitts (Trigger Mittens)

Well these are my matching hat and trigger mitts. I was going to attempt the traditional Nfld pattern with colours as you see below, but I am not that skilled in that yet. Learning new things every day though. The mitts below are compliments of my mother. She tells me the are Labrador Diamond finger mitts. They are the ultimate in warmth because they are a double knit mitt.

Cold Week!!!

Well it has been a cold week so far. Great for staying in and knitting; and having an excellent cup of tea compliments of Jackie & Nat.
My knitting this past weekend is a pair of heavy socks with Briggs & Little yarn... Trying different "traditional" Newfoundland colour combinations and styles of bands. Love the way the brown, white and red go together. They are going to be extra long to cover my calf. Love this pattern.
I have also finished off my "finger mitts"... see other post.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Heavy "double heel" socks

My "well worn" Heavy Socks... Love this pattern.

Not bad for the second attempt!!

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Ear Flap Hat...

My second attmept at the infamous "earflap hat".
Need to practice my crocheting skills with the edging.

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Nat's Slipper "Vamps"

To keep her feet warm around the house...

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Newfoundland "Thrummed Mitts"

I used Brigg's & Little 2-ply wool and Brigg's & Little Country Roving for the Thrums.

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Nat's Seed Stitch Beanie

Great for "after swimming" hair!!!

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Sheep's Wool Hat

I knit this hat using 4.5mm circular needles and Brigg & Little Wool. Instead of braided ties, I knit I-cords.
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My First MurrMade Post...

Well this is my first post... I will be uploading pics of some of my finished knits soon.

Thanks Niki & Jackie for your help.