Monday, December 20, 2010

A Lazy Year Posting!

Sunset in Varadero, Cuba

Fishing Shacks in Rose Blanche

Rose Blanche Lighthouse

The now "closed down" town of Grand Bruit
Note the waterfall right in the center of town!

Wow, its been a full year that I have not posted to my blog! I am surprised "blogger" hasn't deleted me...

Been a very busy year, mostly socializing with all my friends; spending time in Codroy this summer and fall; a trip to the now abandoned town of Grand Bruit in early summer; a great trip to Cuba! and much much more.
I haven't been spinning a whole lot since March. I kind of had a lot of wool spun and vowed to use it before starting any new spinning projects. Been knitting on and off when I need something for myself.

My mother has picked up the old habit of knitting these past months and I have been "coaching" her on a few projects outside her comfort zone.